J. Brian

still livin' the dream...

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in support of J.'s Book

Hear Canada Singing Song Contest 1972.

Spec article 1972.

The Pines - Stoney Creek my first gig January 01 - 1974.

Daryl and me somewhere mid to late 70s.

Photo shoot arranged by Jim Skarrat on his property Copetown way mid to late 70s.

Late 70s promo shot photo by Al Williams a Burlington Chapter Same Old Face.

Mid to late 70s promo shoot at Ball's Falls, photographer from McMaster.

My first band experience.

Grant Ave 1977 - Dan (below) referred to my shirt as "my Pee Wee's Pizzeria delivery t-shirt".

Dan Lanois - Grant Ave Studio - We Are All Poets Sessions - 1977.

Photo shoot for Choice Tickets top of the Jolly Cut - Sam Lawrence Park - Hamilton - early 80s.

Stickers, my idea to put all our concert tickets together, photograph and to use as promo hand-outs.

My first J. Brian and the Cassettes promo poster - photographer Paul Tarbutt - mid 80s.


My first pro on stage 'cassettes' deck.

Chris de Burgh bar concert in St. Catharines where I gave him my 3rd verse to his Patricia - 1983.

Spec article release of '57 Chevys - 1986.

Nick Keca - producer '57 Chevys - 1985
Studio/Live - 1988
I'm Still the Same - 1993

Recording acoustic No Surrender (Bruce Springsteen) for '57 Chevys - 1985.

The one the only time on stage with suit at The Lions - OPD - 1986.

OPD Chapter Same Old Faces - 1987.


Bobby's Halloween or Henley Hop, later 80s???

Bobby's sign.

My beloved Mother's favourite promo shot.

The long road of sharing somewhere on the prairies.

The shores of Lake Athabasca, my Dad and I on a side trip between gigs.


The Badlands - 1989.


"Bus-driver" by Frank Newman at Bobby's - late 80s.



Lethbridge Community College Student Association with Chad Olson.

Acoustic campfire presentation at LCC.

At THE BARN - LCC - 1991.

Kevin Iverson, "here's a free pass to Mount Norquay J. Don't break a leg."

and rise, a broken leg…

George Brown College - 1992.

Brad Cumberland at Okanagen College.

Kirkland Lake 75th Anniversary.

Big set-up.

Photo given to me by Melissa Meszaros.

Freddy 'Tick' Vickers introducing me at A Note to Remember in OPD at The Legion - 1995.

A sell out show.

Brenda 'fave' Ferri with Mony Mony!

The location where I met Rick in 1994.

Carlos of Mulligans.

Roxanne and Anita of Mulligan's Chapter.

Hammer Chapter: Shuke - James - Shmo at self-hosted NYE party in St. Catharines.

Old Lock One - Sunday afternoons - 2001.

Somewhere in The Night - sent to me by the K-man.

Young fan sporting J.Wear at Rum Jungle - mid 00s

Port Dalhousie Chris - Rum Jungle - mid 00s.

Rick and Pegi in off the RR party starting until the sun comes up at Rum Jungle - mid 00s.

Summerfest - Ride Sally Ride girls - early 10s.

Turkey Pointers just warmin' up… - early 10s.

I used this photo as my final promo poster - early 10s.

Turkey Point Hospitality Suite campfire Friday Night - mid 10s.

"It's all about J." - mid 10s.

Perennial Summerfest repeat offenders, Jill and Brenda - mid 10s.

Caledonia Chapter Ride Sally Ride girls - mid 10s.

Z - the trifecta complete - 2014 - photo Paw Strong - Jail Chapter SOF.

Hand post heart attack.

Bubble wrapped - January 2016.

Return to the Same Old Faces,
Vicar's Vice - January 2016.

Powerhouse Canada Day Loberster Fest - mid 10s.

The one The only K-man at Royal Niagara Golf Club
late 10s - photo - Steve Hardaker.

My comeback gig at Wendy's after a 21 month absence from the stage - August 2021.

The 3 SOFs responsible for what could be my final gig - September 2021
from left to right: Liaison - Beckie, Birthday girl - Christina, Host - Debbie

The End.