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still livin' the dream...

Grant Avenue Studio, Hamilton - 1977 - We Are All Poets Sessions
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J.'s Memoirs

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Foreword - Still Livin' the Dream

From the first time I saw J. at one of his gigs I knew he had something special going on.
He had all of the qualities of a first class act. His voice was strong and clear and every song he sang was mind blowing. His original songs were well written and his stage presence was outstanding due to his interaction with his audience.

That was 1989 and it wasn’t long before this stranger was a fan and then a friend. As a fan I attended as many of his gigs as possible. It wasn’t long before I had many friends and coworkers attending his shows. Our friendship has grown over the years and been nurtured by our mutual love and exploration of music and its contributing players.

Time marched on and I saw J. doing the same bar circuit even though he had so much more to offer. How could this be that he wasn’t signed to a major contract? Without a manager and big time PR firm, getting noticed is difficult at best. Still, he continued with his gigs and song writing and remained enthusiastic about both his stage and studio work.

As for this book J. is more than qualified to write about his career on the road and in the studio. He has spent 50 years performing on stage and travelling the country, at the same time writing and recording songs that have stood the test of time.

At several
stages he could have turned bitter and cynical but he stayed positive and continued to perform and write in constancy of living the dream. On stage you would never see a sub par performance. As the man said: “You never know who’s in the audience.”

This book is the half century experience of an independent unsigned singer songwriter who never got an opportunity from the big labels to be discovered and make it 'BIG'. Here he shares first hand accounts of his storied career and the inspiration for many of his songs.

Anyone who knows J. or just loves the singer/songwriter genre will find this to be a great read. Music lovers rejoice!

The book along with the music is pure genius, a true Canadian treasure. Although not making it 'Big' in the eyes of the public, J. is a giant to his Same Old Faces.

"I arrive at this place in comfort after cause
At the end of the day having done it my way
Having lived a life looking forward to looking back
I shall end in summation to say…"

...and I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t benefit from reading this book.

Eric Green
Music Lover, Enthusiast & Jail Chapter Same Old Face