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I have been very hard at work and in a digitally diligent sort of way.

On April 19th - 2017, I will go all digital with my music/song presentation.

The last 3 months for me have been inspiring beyond expectations.

Playing through my catalogue of music, some 150 original songs registered with SOCAN,

via 2" tape, vinyl, cassette tape and CD has been the pot of gold (emotionally speaking...)

at the end of my rain-bowed career. Little did I know that the digital world

would embrace my 'organized' character. I will be releasing what I call my

'MOOD' presentation and a life's edict that I have embraced most of

my professional career. 3 albums containing 15 songs each will be

entitled: Live - Laugh and Love. I am so proud and excited for this presentation.

Every song has been re-mastered to contemporary - of the highest standards - digital requirements.

You've never heard me so loud and clear, lol. This brings me to a sad result though.

I walked through HMV today at Pen Centre and didn't see a single CD for sale.

The world of music and video presentation has certainly changed.


Below is a review that an Amazon buyer wrote in response to their listen (for which I am grateful).

I have been following J. Brian for 25 years, both ‘live’ and ‘recorded’.

His original work is in my playlist and has regular rotation along with

Jackson Browne, Bob Dylan, John Prine, Bruce Springsteen.

It is difficult to categorize J.’s artistry. Live, it is Springsteen-esque.

Recorded, it is independent singer-songwriter undiscovered extraordinaire.

J. has never been signed to a mainstream ‘record label’,

yet his work is as strong and lyrically influential as any song writer

that boasts air time in my listening space.

His songs are not in character as many song writers are.

His songs are from his experience in life - period.

He recently wrote a song (and album title) called The Long Road of Sharing

and that accurately and passionately describes his writing effort.

These 3 albums Live… - Laugh… - and Love are a 25 year celebration of

solo/independent recording on his label BIG BANG RECORDS.

Everything from concept to performance to production to final

product is his effort and his alone. Passion completely embraces the

entire production. One can’t help but discover J.’s love for his craft

when listening to his recorded work. Actually I will up that comment.

From a listen to J.’s work one can’t help but discover an inspiring

love of life itself with an emphasis and appreciation for independence

and the individual. The sound is clean and uncomplicated.

The lyrics are of the best I’ve ever heard from a song writer.

From the poignant story telling of Mr. Tandy, to the gut wrenching

sensitivity of When Love Turns, to the playful I Want A Woman and Erotic Fog,

to the romantic Sparkle, to the everyman This Thing I Do,

to the singer of conscience Who Speaks For Earth?,

to the hopeful Happy Even After, to the feel good Another Caribbean Nite,

to the metaphoric I Got an Angel, to the stunningly profound Give It A Name,

J. Brian offers the musical palette a plethora of tastes.

Live… Laugh… and Love are an invitation to explore and discover

the serious, the fun, the loving ingredients of J.’s recorded career.

It’s an opportunity to listen outside the box, beyond mainstream.

And, if AC/DC never covers Thunder Thighs, well that would be a shame.

If there is one thing that I can be critical of, that being one ingredient

missing in J. Brian’s body of work -

it is lacking the Record Industry’s international recognition that it so deserves.


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