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J. is now celebrating his 44th year (2017)in

Rock & Roll.

Having toured Canada coast to coast

on the campus scene for 10 years and

opening for such acts as Alannah Myles

and Jeff Healey, he brings to the stage;

skills, confidence and the experience

necessary to deliver the rock & roll goods

with every performance.

With a stage energy that rivals his mentors;

Jackson Browne,

Bruce Springsteen,

John Mellencamp,

J. takes audiences on a trip from era to era

and moves thru the rock & roll soul of

all that listen. He has developed a large

and loyal following, otherwise known

as "Same Old Faces", not only from performing

the million seller covers, but also, from the

strength of his original work also performed.

His latest work...

"Career's Collection"
was released on his independent label,

Big Bang Records - 2012. 

It is his 14th original release that assembles the

'best' of his 43 year recording career of original material.


a few artists covered:

Jackson Browne • Bruce Springsteen

John Mellencamp • Melissa Etheridge • Chris de Burg

Sheryl Crow • Fleetwood Mac • Steve Earle

Bob Marley • AC/DC • Peter Gabriel

The Who • Train • America

Kim Mitchel • Matchbox 20


j.brian - act - albums - contact - live - lyrics

schedule - testimonials - videos